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Kevin Ortzman


About Kevin Ortzman

Sometimes you look at someone’s success and wonder how they go there. Your mind begins to wonder if they always possessed that laser-focus. What education did they have? What career path did they take? What circumstances lined up in their lives? But you don’t have to really wonder with Kevin Ortzman.

“Don’t judge me,” Kevin continues. “I’ve worked 75 hours a week for a long time. But the truth is, I loved every minute of it, and it honestly didn’t feel like work.”

Kevin Ortzman grew up with a love for the sciences. “Math, Statistics — I always loved that stuff and had a natural skill at it.” A student of chemistry in his undergraduate career, Kevin decided to follow a different path and focus on his family. “It’s a lot of schooling, and it wasn’t something I felt called to at that point in my life.”

What happened next?









“Believe it or not, I got into it by parking cars in the casino industry.” Humble beginnings for the man who was, most recently, Regional President of Caesars Entertainment Corporation in Atlantic City, NJ. But even in light of all the success, humble is one of the best words to describe Kevin Ortzman. “You really need to put in the work to grow. Think of it less as climbing the ladder and more of growing in character. Work ethic and attitude will take you far. And, at the least, it will get your foot in the door for some amazing opportunities.




Before his work at Caesars, Kevin Ortzman was the Assistant General Manager and Regional CFO/VP of Finance for Harrah’s Joliet Casino & Hotel. Kevin is currently a Board Member for the Casino Redevelopment Authority. Kevin also served as a Trustee and Board Member for Southern Nevada Culinary Bartenders Pension Trust. In addition, Kevin Ortzman founded Ortzman & Associates, which he ran for 8 years.

Kevin Ortzman has his Master of Business Administration in Executive Management from the University of California, Los Angeles – The Anderson School of Management. 


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